Reiki By Bela


If you are open to this kind of spiritual healing therapy then I really recommend Iza. I had 3 sessions so far and each time she created very relaxing atmosphere. Knowledge about what she does flows out of her mouth assuring you she is good at what is she doing. Each session helped me completely relax, sleep better and the following day I always wake up full of positive energy. Iza worked on removing my chakra's blockages and while she was doing that I could feel the heat and tingling sensation in certain parts of my body. I could actually feel my energy shiffting around. Also conversation with Iza is very motivational. She helps you see things from different perspective, understand things you put af the back of you head and never deal with them. This is someone you need when looking for Reiki therapy. 5 stars

Jason Gee

I've only seen Bela a couple of times but within that short period and combination of reiki, flower essences that she recommended and great advice Bela has provided me with my self esteem and confidence is improving but I still have a long way to go. I highly recommend her services and I am very lucky to have found her.

Ama Scuotto

Izabel is an extraordinary person who welcomes you and put you at ease from the very first minute you meet her. She is very knowledged in what she does and can help you physically, mentally and emotionally speaking.

Margarita Strzykowska

I had two reiki sessions with Izabela and the experience was phenomenal, I could feel the energy flowing through me. Before my first session I felt stressed and tired. After receiving one session I felt calm and relaxed. Izabela has an amazing positive energy and is very genuine and authentic in her care for others wellbeing. I would highly recommend reiki treatment with Izabela ❤️

Mario Gold

Before I went for the session I was a bit down and I didn't really believed in energy healing. After one session I felt a bit tired but when I woke up next morning I felt amazing and relaxed! All I can do is recommend it as it's completely new experience!

Kamil Kamyk

One session so far ,very interesting experience.*****Thank you*****

Monika Ruda

Jestem dopiero po pierwszej sesji .... ale dla wszystkich niedowiarkow mogę z czystym sercem powiedzieć to działa ...Dzięki Iza 😙 czekam na następną .Polecam.

Przemek Ostrowski

Strong 5 stars !! I didn't sleep after my 11h night shift and I had one hour session with Iza. After session I went to home full of energy... Coincidence?���

Giovanni Giancontieri

I really enjoyed your experience and found it very relaxing. Prior to your visit I felt very stressed which soon changed with your intense healing process and positive energy. I look forward to my next visit. Thank you.

Richard Goodrick

Really felt relaxed, great

Bogdan Paunete

The first thing that I want to mention is that the session with crystal healing was outside. I was given the option to have the session in the house or outside in the garden. The weather was perfect! During the session, I was feeling a strange sensation on my forehead, after that I was more relaxed. Everything was ok also after the session. I was feeling relaxed also next days. And this was just my first session. ;)